Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a grand surprise

i was given an early birthday present from my lovely husband the other day. it involves being stuffed in a car for over two weeks, driving hours and hours each day and seeing as many places as possible across the states. a road trip! i'm so excited. nick knows me and my traveler's itch so well. he wanted to do this before my actual birthday (in october), so we could go for longer and most importantly it would actually be warm when we did it! and so we're going from east to west, in the beautifully hot august sunshine. camping here and there, along with a few nights in a hotel during our stays in the bigger cities. my most favourite stop on the way? arizona. or more specifically...the grand canyon. i've been dying to see it for a few years now and is the main star of this road trip -smiles-

so now we're planning out my birthday adventure...can't wait.

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