Thursday, December 8, 2011

Procrastinating is way better than homework

Right now I should be studying for my exams, but I think I'll linger more on the things I'd much rather do than learning about Aristotle and Boethius. Pee you. Sometimes you need to step back from the muddle of confusing words, wrapped up in deeper meaning and enlightenment and just kick back for a few hours...

I think my mind has actually turned into mush these past few days. The words streamed off the paper into my mind and got lost in there somehow. Working their way around my brain and squeezing it until it begged for mercy. They refused to listen though and now my brain has resulted into the melt down option so that it can feel a little looser and not shut down completely. So, now I'm here, late at night, wishing I had more motivation to learn and relearn everything I've already learned so that I will do well on the exams that will be taking up my life for the next week. Trapped in this little room with windows that overlook the side of the house, revealing the beautiful things that philosophers have quandaries about. Trees frosted with fresh snow, birds flitting from branch to branch with a sky so blue and full of white fluffy clouds and the sound of the lake's waves crashing on the sand, pushing the wind along with it. Sigh. I'd much rather be out there.

Philosophy's overrated anyway.

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