Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

They're back.
And as I peel myself away from this temporary heaven,
Filled with cotton and goose down feathers,
I hear them.
Twittering away,
A reunion like no other.
Time spent apart and distanced from one another,
To come back and gossip about where they were this time.

The day unfolds like any other,
But this time,
Something new wraps itself around each thing.
A whisper of new beginnings, fresh starts.
The old has vanished,
It came falling to the ground in open gestures of defeat.

Now, I see them,
Dancing lazily in the wisps of a warm breeze.
Entranced by their hypnotizing rhythms,
I long to stop and sit a spell.
A deep breath, a lengthy pause.

Vibrant colours,
One set against the other in clear contrast.
Hear the breaking of hardened hearts,
See the thaw that brings them life.
A world reawakened from the depths of despair.

The picture darkens,
Slowly growing dimmer.
Nothing remains but the soft twitters of goodnight.
I hear them one by one,
Slowly retreat, though desperate for a new day to start again.
And I find myself desperate for the same.

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