Tuesday, August 3, 2010

round the bend

I've lost it. that being my sanity I mean. one minute I was happily sane and the next all hilarity ensued. glorious hilarity in the form of a simply honest question regarding a sports channel my husband watches.

trust Nick to make me lose it with that sincere catch in his voice and adorable gleam in his eye. completely unaware that his very heartfelt question would lead me to laugh unstoppably for five minutes and from there laughing until my sides begged me to stop. but how was he to know I was so close to edge? just peering over, looking at the depths below and it all it took was a funny assumption to push my poor, exhausted sanity over the cliff and spiraling downwards.

so, I've cracked. turned loopy. I've gone round the bend. life has placed my sanity into a jar and tossed it away.

the seriousness stops here. I will lose my marbles for good and enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with it.

life's about to get a little more hilarous.

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