Monday, November 9, 2009

mirror image

we walked the usual stretch that took us alongside cottages, tall trees and the glass-like lake, enjoying the beautiful weather that was hard to be found in the month of November. Sometimes talking about the things we hold dear to our hearts, other times goofing around in the leaves and then just being silent. Holding hands and taking in the scenery that is unknown to us in the city. and it was upon walking back that we came across another couple walking towards us. also holding hands and enjoying the scenery. and as the distance between us grew smaller, we were able to see how much alike we were. all of us catching each others eyes and for a split second time stilled. the moments in between passing slowly as we looked over the past and the future, a mirror image of walking stories. and then instantly the moment had stopped and we all caught ourselves, passing out "hello's" and other friendly terms that make my heart glow. and as we passed, I looked over my shoulder and watched them talk with each other, still holding hands. 

it was then that nick threw a grin at me and said, "that'll be us in 50 years." and I couldn't help but think the same thing. 

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