Wednesday, December 23, 2009

winter shenanigans

there is nothing better then snow and a really big hill. and that combination just so happened to present itself to us daring adventurers yesterday. it didn't matter that some of us didn't have snowpants (me) and there were almost no crazy carpets to be found. It just took a little creativity and a whole lot of bravery to face getting soaked through and a little numb. which is exactly what we did.

after searching the garage for anything that could possibly slide down a hill, we found: 1 actual toboggan type thing, 1 long wooden sled which looked like it would break heading down anything that wasn't completely flat and 1 blow up pool toy that looked like it could fit two. happy with our finds, we piled it all up to my dad's truck and headed to the glorious hill to find about 15 little kids doing the same thing. we didn't care. we waxed up the sled with my brother's snowboarding wax and then climbed on our chosen mode of transportation and said a little prayer as we pushed each other down the hill, hoping that we wouldn't crash... especially those going down on the wooden sled. the first ride down the hill is always the most thrilling. not knowing how bumpy or smooth it is, or how fast or far you will go. and in the end the wooden sled went the furthest...despite it's uncomfortable and sometimes unpredictable way of turning you around and flipping you over... as it so happened with me and my sister. in the end, we were the loudest of all the little kids there. their parents openingly disapproving of our lack of maturity and loud screams. we did draw the line when lucy wanted to go downhill on the wooden sled standing up... despite her attempt she fell after a couple of seconds and the sled came out from underneath her.

my daring brother had to find the most interesting way to go down the hill on each piece that we brought. lying out on the blow up pool toy, going backwards downhill and pretending to be sleeping pretty much cracked us all up.

but the best moment was when Nick went down on the toboggan and had to stop himself near the bottom of the hill because a few little kids weren't watching where they were going. Nick had fully stopped right at their feet and the kids just stopped and looked at him for a second. then another second later, the kid apparently realized the danger he had almost encountered and started to make short screams as he ran up the hill away from my dear husband. so hilarous - I think we all were dying of laughter after that one. fun times.

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